Hendrix-stortion Stereo Distortion for Mixing and Mastering

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Stereo Diode Distortion Transformer Saturator Clipper

The newest addition to the studio‘s analog mixing and mastering hardware – the Hendrix-Stortion !! A stereo diode distortion unit with vintage transformers in the circuit to add analog saturation / clipping!
It’s a wonder on either instrument or mix bus. Instruments gain presence, energy & audio Glitter depending on how hard you push into the unit – and on the mixbus – it can either gently gel the mix elements – or you can go in hard and saturate everything to dizzying levels of energy!
Have a listen!

Sounds beautiful eh!
We’ve been using our home built equipment for a long time – which is why our music mixes and masters sound so much better, and more unique than everyone elses!