Freakwizard New Stoner Rock Music Record Release – Big Guitar

Freakwizard New Stoner Rock Music Lp

New Stoner Classic Rock Music lp

Super Stoked to announce Freakwizards’ first Lp is (at last!!) released. Nearly a year in the making it’s a heady mixture of Huge guitar sounds and even Huger production and the band consisting of :
Senor Al; Bass & Vocals.
Mike Hann; Guitars
& Wayne “El Capitan”; Drums
 – bringing the kind of chaotic energy only they can to the proceedings.

The band spent approx 6 months writing this opus – looking to create something both super heavy guitar wise and also classical in its’ auditory conception – and Lord they’ve succeeded. The overall sound has a clarity and low end power not heard before in this or any other genre. Here’s the first single video release “Call the Gods”.

Classic Recording & Mixing Equipment

A lot of classic recording and mixing outboard was used to achieve the heaviness & clarity in this record – such as API 512 mic preamps, Ward Beck equalizers (Ward Beck are know as Canadian Neve‘s) – rackmount reverb and delay devices – and vintage Transformer saturators on the mix bus so bring the power!!

You hear this magnificent creation Here – and Also Here on youtube’s Doom channel. We mix Music Best ! Enjoy!

orban mixing mastering equalizer eq