best recording studio london

Recording Studio Equipment


Beyer MC740n
Beyer M80
2 x 3U Neumann U87
Akg D25
Peavey 520 x 5
Shure 545
Shure sm57
Rode K2 with vintage Bugle Boy valve
Sterling Audio St31
Josephson C42 x 2
Line Audio CM3 x 2
AT 4033a
3U Telefunken Elam
Eyecrophone Electromagnetic microphone (made in house)

Ribbon Mics:
Reslo Ribbon x 2
Bang & Olufsen BM5 x 3
Tannoy Type 2 x 3
Tannoy Cardioid Ribbon x 3
Bespoke made ribbon
Coppermics – all manner of variations made in house at Shstudios

Microphone Preamps & Outboard

Mic Preamps
CLM 4 channel Neve clone
Line Audio 8MP – 8 super clear hi end pre’s
Orchid Electronics 4 channel
Broadhurst Gardens No.1
Glensound GSL4 modded for 4 individual outputs
D&R Stylyx – 14 silky smooth channels with parametric eq
Alice 828 & Alice 1228 – beautiful transformer driven preamps – unbelievable saturating drums!
Phoenix audio drsq4 – a modern (& Beautiful) take on Neve mic preamps.
JJ API 512 – The sound of rock’n roll – amazing on guitars, vocals, bass & drums

Tube Mic Preamps:
RFT (Neumann Gefell) x 4
Ampex 602 x 2
Vortexion modded for 3 individual outs
Behemoth 50’s mono broadcast mixer modded for 4 individual outs
2 x Art Pro Channel wth parametric eq – superb drum smashers!!


Synths & Keyboards:
Moog Micromoog
Jen SX2000
Craft Synth
No.1derland Theremin
3 x Bontempi Organ
1 x EKO organ with analog drum machine
Casio MT400V
Elka Capri

TC 2240 stereo parametric
Orban stereo 622B
High Voltage mastering equalizer eq6s
White 4650 graphic equaliser
KT Pultec Tube Equalizer x 3 
Victor Custom Workshop Saturator Enhancer

Time Delay Outboard:
TC 2290 Delay Modulator
Dynacord DRP20 Reverb
MXR Digital Delay
Lexicon MX500
Melos Bucket Brigade Analog Echo Delay x 2
Wem Varispeed Copicat Tape Delay
Pioneer Valve Spring Reverb

Cathedral Analog FET Compressors x 4
TOA Levelar
Symetrix 525 Stereo
Symetrix 425 Stereo
Aphex 661 tube x 2
KT 2A Tube Limiter

Tape Recorder Multitrack

tape machine recorder 8 track
Click !

Recording Devices:
Antelope 32 channel mastering grade interface
Apogee Ensemble
Soundcraft SCM381B 1 inch 8 track tape recorder multitrack
(add £60.00 per day for machine hire – £40.00 tape hire)
Yamaha cassette deck

Guitar Pedals

Electroharmonix Big Muff 80’s
Electroharmonix Mini Qtron
Boss Tuner
Ibanez SB7 Bass Synthesiser
Graphic EQ
Boss Metalzone
B’ger Wah
Timmicat Clone
Hand Made Phaser
Pigtronix Philosophers tone
Dod Octoplus
Fuzzy Mammoth Bass Fuzz
Little Bear Mr2 Distortion
Volume pedal controlled Delay
Ross Twin Overdrive
Stonewall Stage One tube amp drive
Belcat R Bass Fuzz Pedal
NeElectronix Fuzz Face
TC Brainworks Pitch Shifter Chorus
Echoman analog Dub Reggae Delay 
Ebow Guitar Sustainer 
B’ingr Mutron Biphase


Pearl Export Drum Kit

Guitar & Bass Amplifiers Amps

We have a large & beautiful collection of guitar & bass amplifiers to suit just about Every tonal / genre need from clean pop & funk to gassed up Jazz & Blues to full out Metal !
You can see our full (but ever expanding) collection HERE.

A Full House of Superb Audio Plugins ! – we have the best in the world inc: Acustica, Nebula, Softube, Sinevibes, Kush – all top brands & hundreds of off the wall creative / crazy to enhance your productions. Plus! We make our own – see Here !