Stereo Dual Mono Analog Distortion Clipper For Mixing & Mastering Music

Stereo Analog Distortion Saturation Mixing Mastering

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in South London – we do a Lot of Mixing and Mastering for our fellow music & film producers – because we’re up there with the best in the business! We mix for regular musicians worldwide that recorded their lp’s remotely at home or rehearsal studios to full on label artists (We mixed Baba Ali’s Black & Blue single – got to number 4 in the singles charts!!).

Mix & mastering engineers that know their stuff are always on the hunt for tools that will give them & their work an edge – so we decided to help the audio world out – and build some of our unique in house mix / mastering tools. All three units are stereo / dual mono distortion units, but tuned for specific purposes!

MK1 is the go to for regular mixing and mastering enhancement of audio channels, stems, buses and mixes / masters – just a touch will add width, depth and excitement to the source. These units work on all genres – not just punk / metal and electronica – vocal, classical and folk recordings can be sweetened immeasurably with a touch of the right distortion. You can hear / see it in action Here:

Stereo Distortion MK1

MK2 is similar to MK1 but has a much darker tone, so for synths, bass, guitars, 808’s and bass heavy instruments / buses, this might well be the tool of choice. Very good for adding even more space and lushness to a mix – Superb at lifting synth and guitar elements out of the mud and into their rightful places in the soundfield.
You can hear / see it in action Here:

Stereo Distortion MK2

MK3 is more for sound design – unless you want to Black Sabbath / Pantera Every element in your mix (Yeah!!). It’s so over the top heavy! Amazing at adding lots of colours and harmonics to bass heavy material, brilliant as a glitch tool for any source audio, and a Godsend for blackening reverbs and creating the Dark Space!
You can hear His Majesty Here:

Stereo Distortion MK3

Yet another Stupendous creation from SHStudios!!! – you can purchase yourself one or more of these amazing enhancer / exciter devices Here: