Analog Transformer Boxes for Music Mixing & Mastering

Analog Transformer Boxes for Music Mixing & Mastering

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in south London – we mix & produce All kinds of music from alt jazz to metal to electronica classical – cause we understand music – & we understand how to mix it!

Analog Music Mixing Equipment

We’re also blessed in owning a ton of analog recording, mixing & mastering equipment from compressors to equalizers to saturators – all of which help put our mixes and masters way above anyone else’s – check out British Mustards’ last two releases – mixed by them at home – mastered to perfection by us! #howitsdone.
So……… you got all the plugins in the world – but still your mixes sound dull and lifeless, & they just don’t sit right – whaddayagonnado!
Here’s where we come in – we’ve started building transformer boxes for mixing and mastering engineers. Transformers are the most expensive part of high end audio equipment – & they all do amazing things – from saturating the low, mids and / or highs in a mix – to settling or glueing audio elements together & making a mix or master sound finished.

Transformer Saturator Clipper

analog transformer clipper saturator
transformer clipper

….We even put em in nice vintage boxes!

As to which transformers we use – our best sellers are Lars Lundahl transformers – they are like wrapping your music in a sunshine rainbow – they add a ton of energy while keeping all the audio components in place – like a bus compressor but with no compression artifacts.
We also have some beautiful Belclere transformers used in Neve equipment & some amazing 416 transformers which set fire to any audio.
So …. if you would like some real analog energy to juice up your productions – contact us HERE. Or HERE.
Happy music creating y’all. xxxx