Analog Music Recording & Producing

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Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in south London – we record & mix every music style from gentle folk (check out Roxy Rawson’s new release of Running up that Hill!) to jazz metal weirdness to the Heaviest Electro – Hop going!
As with all artists these days – time & money are of the essence – we have to deliver mixes to artists, management & labels on time & in budget – so ………. mixing & mastering plugins – good, high quality plugins have been a very necessary investment for our little recording studio business due to their instant recall (super time saving!). However – great as plugins are – they just don’t sound the same as analog recording equipment. There’s something missing – so! We also have a large collection of analog recording & mixing equipment. Here’s a little bit of what we use:

Analog Recording Equipment

This is the Third Dimension Chorus / Widening bbd echo unit – it’s generally used to stereo widen bass in a mix, but it’s great on keys, guitar & vocals too!

This is (one of three!) analog Echo Delay units we have at our disposal – these are amazing sounding preamps that add a whole lot of mojo to whatever we run through them. When we had Archie from King Krule in (we recorded three of his records) he went nuts running our Moog synth through them – because these analog echo units – they were a Huge part of the 70’s & 80’s synth sound. Also amazing on guitars & vocals.

This is our newest addition – a remake of the famous Mutron Biphase phaser unit! The originals go for thousands of pounds – & every fabulous funkateer from Bootsy to Larry Graham used them at one tome or another – then producers got hold of them – and a studio classic was made!

And last but by No means least we have the surreal & Extra beautiful TC Brainwaves pitch shifter – chorus / doubler pedal. Designed initially for guitar it’s fast become the go to Je Ne Sais Quoi bit of studiology at our house for adding some sparkle to any audio source. It’s ability to morph between pitch shifting, echo & chorus means it can give even the dullest sound source a bit of something special – & we’re all about something special!

recording studio near me

In a world where all music is starting to sound the same – these little tools will make your ideas stand out!