Video Making for New Band Music Single Release

Video Making for New Band Music Single Release

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Here at the coolest recording studio in London Town – we do all kinds of media work – mainly music production, recording, mixing & mastering – but we also dip our toes into foley (film noise etc) soundtrack & Voiceover work – keeps things fresh!

Music Video Making

We’ve been making videos for years – mainly about all our superb analog recording & mixing equipment – like this one where we show off the new IR sofware we made using one of our 70’s echo / delay machines: Click

Now – since Songdog‘s new lp has been getting such amazing worldwide reviews, their PR firm wanted us to make something visual for the single release for ‘Of Gods & Men‘ – seeing as we made the record and all ……. apparently they liked our wayward psyche style (& who doesn’t!).

We started out by shooting some footage in Nunhead cemetery to get the backgrounds – then we green screened the band in the studio live room – then set to with our superb editing tools – et voila! A surreal filmic masterpiece – which makes the band stand out from the crowd. Here’s a few stills – we’re not allowed to show the video until the pr campaign is finished:

So …… keep an eye out – it’ll go live soon – & will blow your tiny mind!