Pineapple Empress New Music London

New Music London Band Pineapple Empress

Here at the best recording studio in south London – we record, mix & produce for clients worldwide! We’ve made superb records for King Krule, Ghostpoet, Songdog, Baba Ali (last single we mixed / produced went to no.3 in the uk charts) & a huge amount of local talent – so we know what we’re doing when it comes to audio capture & production.
And! – now Pineapple Empress have released their second lp!

Much like their first lp “The Enlightenment” it’s a plethora of ideas and influences ranging from jazz, to funk to americana to alt rock & encapsulates the notion of musical freedom – genre specific it aint!

Get The Sonic Gospel HERE:

The Best new music is there to charge your spirit – challenge & uplift you & open new pathways to metaphysical understanding – in a nutshell – to enlighten human consciousness. It’s one of the most enjoyable & important things we as humans can make & experience – so go getcha an earfull of something wonderful.
It’s why we do what we do.

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