Hybrid Analog / Digital Music Mixing & Production

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Analog Summing Mixer - Hybrid Music Production for more Beautiful Music !

Here at the coolest recording studio in South London – we mix and produce All kinds of different styles of music & audio for our clients – from new music to film foley to voiceovers – & all points in between!

Music production these days is done mostly in the box – plugins sound great – & you get instant session recall to tweak anything that needs tweaking. The problem with purely digital mixing – is that it sounds flat & a bit boring……. It just does.

If you ever get the chance to hear your music mixed through an analog desk – it will sound as though someone up in Heaven just turned the lights on – way richer – way more defined & with a kind of 3dness only achievable with expensive equipment. Problem is – all that costs a fortune – & takes hours to set up.

Hybrid Music Mixing / Production

So! …… because we’re Extra clever – we’ve built a hybrid system.

This is our RS transformer summing mixer – amazing on Drums – Bass Synths & Vocals

This is our Lars Lundahl Transformer Summing Mixer – beautiful on whole mixes guitars, classical / acoustic instruments & especially vocals

We now mainly mix digitally in the box – but we send all our lovely audio out to our summing mixers which are all stuffed full of BBC quality transformers – which do all the aforementioned Analog Magnificence – & take about 10 minutes to set up!

In any high end piece of recording or mixing equipment – a lot of the cost is in the transformers – they are Very expensive bits of gear – but they work their magic & literally Transform flat boring, sterile digital audio into something Much more beautiful & Expressive. Bass frequencies sound bigger & richer, the top end is sweeter & the general soundstage has much more clarity & Space!

Amazing & Beautiful audio!
No wonder our mixes sound bigger, richer, better & fuller than everyone elses!

recording studio near me