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Music Production Impulse Response IR's

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in South London – we don’t only mix some of the finest music the world has to offer ( Baba Ali + B&B)- we are also developing Impulse Responses from our huge collection of Mixers / Eq’s / Mastering Saturators etc – so that producers all around the planet can use our sound in their productions.
Cause it’s a Big, Beautiful sound y’all !!

We started out making IR’s for our Alice 828 mixer:

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Alice 828 Mixer Impulse Responses

….. Which sound amazing – you can hear them Here:

Then we added our amazing Mini Guitar Amp Saturator:

And now we have included the Superbeautiful Orban 622 mixing & Mastering Eq.

All of which you can purchase Here you lucky things!
Now Go Forth & Create Stupendous & Beautiful Audio!

Another Solid Shrunkenheads Production!