Recording Massive Guitars & Huge Drums

Recording Massive Guitars & Huge Drums

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Big Bad Guitar Recording

Here at the coolest recording studio in London Town we produce all kinds of music & audio for all manner of clients. One thing they all need is quality sounds – for which we need some specific tools – names – good mics – & really good, top drawer mic preamps.

We did have 96 different preamps & channel strips – but then we saw This little Doozer floating around the interweb:

Phoenix Audio Neve Mic Pre

The DRS-Q4 is a masterpiece of audio engineering – looks like a Neve but has a much clearer more modern vibe – so delicious on drum overheads, guitars & vocals. The saturation this thing provides can make a vocal sit right in the mix from the get go. Amazing. It also makes guitars sound freakin Huge – especially running the audio through the eq – like stepping on gas for Sonics! Everything gets leaner, brighter & meaner.

Big Badder Drum Recording

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JJ API Mic Pre

We couldn’t believe our luck when This bad boy dropped into our laps. Meant to be better than an original API 512 mic pre according to a lotta engineers – & yep – it makes Everything punch like a mule. Guitars are much more present, clear & defined than with other preamps – bass is just amazing – the d.i. alone is good enough for most productions – but twin that with a miked cab & Boom! SuperExtraBassPower right there. As for drums – forget it – this is the pre we will Always use for kick & snare from now on. It delivers a mix ready powerhouse with massive punch & exceptional detail. Winner!!

This last one is a Neve clone made in the 80’s by a Scottish company called clm – looks like a washing machine programmer – has no transformers so is super clean – but still has Neve heft & weight.

So – we got all points covered for all manner of audio recording – from our huge selection of vintage valve / tube preamps to these new guys we can track just about any sound required – which is why we’re the best recording studio in London town at our price point! Come gitcha some!