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Alice 828 Mixer - Mixing Desk

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Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in South London – we been busy busy busy! We finished producing Songdogs new lp – recorded mixed & mastered a coupla ep’s for new up&coming bands – produced Baba Ali’s new dual track single out on Yard Acts Zen Fc label Feb 18th – & now we’re digitizing all our fabulous hardware – turning it into super high quality impulse responses (IR’S) – which you can drop into any convolution player software – et voila – you’ll have a piece of the studio right there in your session!


Our Alice 828 mixer is an original from the 70’s – we used it extensively on Ghostpoets “Shedding Skin” lp – King KrulesThe Ooz” & “Man Alive” lp’s – & most other sessions. Cause it’s Ace. All you need is a convolution player – plenty of free ones out there but we like Melda MConvolutionMB, Kilohearts Convolver & Fog Convolver.

All our IR’s have been created from a music mixing & production perspective – we havn’t done what all other developers do & copy a piece of hardware & hope it sounds right – we mix music for a living – & we’re at the top of our game mixing for clients worldwide – what we develop – we use.
All our IR’s will beautify and clarify your music – the line channels will bring your tracks alive, the mic channels add transformer saturation & a 3d quality, the limiters will settle your mixes into beautiful cohesion & the mixbus settings will add gentle analog saturation to sit your audio just right.

You can buy these gorgeous IR’s HERE.

You can hear them Here.

You can hear them Here.

…. Now Go Forth & Create Magnificent Musical Masterpieces!!