Recording a Band in a Day

Recording a Band Song Track in a Day !

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Here at the coolest recording studio in south London we work at all kindsa speeds – mainly the speed the artist we’re working with wants to work at.
Some folks need their stuff in a hurry – others want to take their sweet time.

We just had the supercool post punk band Happy Science in to record their upcoming single – & boy what a banger it is. They needed the whole band recorded in a day – drums / bass / guitars (plus overdubs) & vocals – & all to our regular uber high standards! So as per – we set up the drums the day before to save the band some time – & within an hour had Fin test recorded & sounding his phenomenal self!

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Fin Happy Science Drummer

Recording Bass Guitar

Next we ran the bass through a nice DI into a tube / valve eq which gently saturates the peaks & makes the bass more alive, and also miked up a bass amp – solid state for punch & power in this instance (though we do have valve bass amps too). Ba

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recording live bass !

Recording Big Electric Guitars

Next up we setup the guitar through a beautiful Ibanez tube amp using a 545 mic & a U87 – this was in an isolation booth ( as was the bass) so there was no bleed into the drums – the band monitored through headphones. After recording 7 takes of the backing track we set up twin guitar amps in the live room with both close & distance mics on each cab & re recorded all the guitars, also adding some riffs & a beautiful chorus uplift. It sounds Massive!!

Recording Vocals

Last but by no means least we recorded the vocals using an Sm7b mic (fave vocal mic of many producers) into a Neve style preamp so we could overdrive the input for a bitta punch & grit – vocals sounded superb from the get go.

All that done in a day! We work fast when the remit commands it! the band were so blown away by the quality of the recording they said it hardly needed mixing it sounded so good!!

We do the best audio – both recording & production – at the best prices in London Town!

king krule recording studio music producer
King Krule at Shrunkenheads Studios