Recording Vocals – Mic Preamps

Microphone Pre For Vocals

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in London Town – we have approximately 120 different mic preamps – from super old (1940’s) valve / tube pre’s to modern day superfast broadcast models.
Why? you might ask. Because we Freakin Care – that’s why.
All musicians need proper looking after, drummers need to know their kit sounds incredible from the thump of the kick to the splish of the hats. Bass players need to know their low end & presence are solid, complete & tucked in.
Guitarists need to know their chops & dalliances are tracked to perfection & Classical combo’s need to be sure their textures & tones have the richness & poignancy the piece deserves.
Above all though – vocalists need special care & attention to detail to capture themselves within the moment – & as all singers have different timbres & voicings – to properly attend to that – you need different flavoured preamps to conjure up the tones!!!

Tube Preamps

This is one of our RFT preamps – RFt went on to become Neumann / Gefell so it’s got good bones. We generally use this model on jazz vocalists & guitarists as the tubes add a very warm slightly compressed goo that is very pleasing to the ear. Think Amy Winehouse BackToBlack vocal tones.

Behemoth!! This rather large vintage mixer is an all tube hand built unit from a 1950’s radio station – the sound is amazing & it saturates beautifully – not only on vocals but also on drums. The tube eq also gets used a lot. Cause it’s amazing.

Broadcast Quality Microphone Preamps

Glensound 4 channel broadcast preamp mixer – built for tv work back in the 70’s – these have Huge transformers at the input & sound a lot like vintage API preamps – we use them a lot on drum overheads for their precision & golden tones – & also they shine on rock & pop vocals, picking up every breath & nuance – special!

Also built for outside broadcast (TV) work – the weird little Alice 828 desks have legendary status in the music world – they punch way above their weight & have been used by lots of name producers – some swear that running drums through the channels & into the output limiters get the perfect drum sound – gotta say – it’s not just the Belclere transformers that add body & zest to a vocal – those limiters are nothing short of magic!

Ward Beck Neve API Mic Pre

Our newest (and at the moment our fave) addition to the mic pre collection – are these 4 x Ward Beck stunners! Known as the Canadian Neve – these guys are astoundingly transparent – even when the transformers are driven – they just sound amazing – so layering vocals in a mix just got 1000 times easier. The eq is also top quality & adds a polished sheen to any audio run through it.

The Best mic Pre Microphone Preamp

Well ….. there is none – you just have to trust our (very experienced) engineer who will find the perfect combination of microphone & preamp for your particular vocal needs.
Which is why we are not only the best recording studio in London Town – but also the most bang for buck.
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