Best IR Impulse Responses for Music Mixing & Mastering

So …. we may have one of the most creative music & audio spaces in London – people come from All around to utilise our experience & equipment – but what about those poor souls that cannot make it to the Big Smoke??

Lucky them we are clever enough to digitise our beautiful analog equipment!! We decided to use convolution as our medium – so you will need a convolution loader, Like Kilohearts Convolver, Meldas ConvolutionMB – or Audiothing’s Fog Convolver. They are all excellent in their own specific ways – and all very fairly priced bits of software.

We started out by developing our vintage Alice 828 mixer – taking each channel & sampling varying degrees of saturation – we then sampled mic channels then the bus with & without limiters – there’s a whole bunch of mojo to be had right inside your daw!

Next we sampled our beautiful Orban 622 mixing & mastering eq using setting we use in our (rather fantastic) productions – so you not only get our hardware – you also get our secret sauce settings! Just to over ice this particular cake – we then took some samples going first into our amazing military spec transformers to add a bit of posh saturation. Next up was this:

Our supercool vintage Camel Guitar Amp – we sampled this bad boy with three types of mic – shure 57, B&O Ribbon Mic (which the Royer was based on) & a Telefunken condenser. They can of course be used as regular guitar amp IR’s – but the real beauty of them is revealed when you drop them on unsuspecting subjects – such as the ribbon settings on overheads, the dynamic settings on soft synths & the condenser settings on vocals & guitars – they all add a bit of je ne sais quoi – a bit of something extra to take your productions up a few notches

We’ll be add a Whole Bunch more soon – so keep coming back to check!
For now – click on the link below to purchase our IR’s!