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Music Mixing & Mastering

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Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in London Town – we make some mighty fine rekkids – & for all types of people – we recently had Tugboat Captain in recording their new 6 track ep – january 2021 brought in a London/Dublin punk band “Sister Ray” …… on the up & up they is! Noisy too!
Both these bands had one thing in common – they mix their audio themselves. Might seem a bit foolish not to employ an industry pro to do that for ya – but folks like to give stuff like mixing a try – see what they come up with – & sometimes – it’s good enough to release – so long as its’ mastered properly – & that’s where we come back in.

Mastering Music & Audio

A lot of audio engineers try mastering – but it’s one of those jobs you really need the right tools for – you find that out the hard way!
Anyone can buy a good quality audio interface like This – but that’s just the start – you need a treated environment – really good monitors – and good ears!
Then you need some equipment. This is an industry standard piece of software made by Leapwing – which kinda smoothes & widens & deepens audio.

It’s great – but it does colour the audio so is best on dance music.
For something much more natural sounding & organic – we recently had an all valve / tube audio enhancer built for us by Victor at VictorCustomWorkshop – he is an audio magician – it adds subtle saturation which smoothes the audio – then widens & somehow adds 3d depth too! What a machine (now installed in our rack).
Here tis:

So – not only do we now record, mix & produce the most exciting sounding music in south London – we can now master your mixes to a very high / releasable level too! We’ll have you jumping out of the speakers!

Mastering Hardware

&…. you can come to us to polish your mixes – or you could buy one of these fabulous units for your own selves from Victor! He also makes superb tube amps btw!

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