Soundcraft SCM381B 1 Inch 8 Track Tape Recorder Multitrack

The Soundcraft SCM381B was actually designed to be a portable recorder ! Insane – it’s back breakingly heavy. It’s a one inch wide tape format which records 8 tracks  – so the headroom is superb. Everything sounds beautiful tracked onto this machine from vocals to guitars, bass – keys & drums – which is why Sly & the Family Stone & Foreigner both used them. We purchased this unit from Matthew Corbetts’ son – it was used to record the Sooty Show! More kudos to us. There are added costs to aid with maintenance – the recorder adds an extra £60.00 per day & tape hire is £40.00. We have a few different types of tape – the Ampex tapes are rich & warm, The Sony tapes are punchy & Motownlike.

tape machine recorder 8 track