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This is our FX page where we list all the lovely little gadgets & widgets that go into making our music writing & production so special & interesting. It’s in no specific order – so take a random walk through our toy factory – it’s all there to make your inner musician a happy bunny!

The Stonewall stage one is a beautiful clean overdrive built to boost harmonics into the front end of a tube amp. It’s hard to describe what it does in words – so HERE is a very good video to explain.

This little booger is a real dark horse. Made by Belcat – he’s cheap as they come – and no – not great on guitar – but a Monster Fuzz on bass & bass instruments. Have a listen to him HERE.

Badass handmade guitar fuzz pedal. The maker calls hisself NeElectronix & has a thing for old tobacco tins. They don’t only look great they sound like GodFuzzInHeaven. So – for all you Big guitar Freaks – listen HERE to see what our new bad boy can do! #wallofsound

We bought this purple phaser from a Marine who builds guitar pedals to help keep his mind focused when on tour. It’s a real gem & doesn’t really sound like anything else. It sounds like a hybrid of a Small Stone & an MXR 100 pedal – but at lighter settings can also be used as a kinda psychedelic tremolo – it’s lovely!
We used it on some of THESE recordings.

This bad boy needs no introduction! The amazing Wampler deluxe Pinnacle. I first heard this at a recording session at Shstudios – it can go from Springsteen overdrive to Yngwie Malmsteen Howlstortion – while still maintaining the guitars inherent tone! How??? Most distortion pedals completely colour the original sound source – so kudos to these top guys.