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Yup – we all love the ease of use of our amp sim plugins – & yeah – some of them do sound kinda ok – but! In a real recording studio like This – we like to deal in reality & move a bit of air.
For us – amp simulations are either a sticking plaster for badly recorded guitar tracks we’ve been sent as part of a session to mix, or we like to use them as effects to enhance our properly recorded guitars and basses.
Amplifiers are big, heavy, clunky things to have around & require a lot of support & attention to keep them in tip top condition – but – you need them to get real guitar tones.
We seldom use just one amp on guitar regardless of style – we like to use Two for the initial rhythm – there’s just something about the mixed tone of two amps playing the same guitar line at the same time, plus the mic phasing options give one a lot of tonal variation & control.
Overdubs are different – generally you’ll want a thinner tone with secondary parts to help them fit into the scope of the audio field or mix – so one amp usually does the trick, and you can spatialise the audio with delay, chorus or reverbs at production time.
Here’s our (constantly updating) collection of guitar & bass amps.

Our 1976 Vox 125 tube amp combo is loaded with vintage Goodmans speakers & has the classic Vox sound – but with the addition of a whole ton of gain from the input & sensitivity knobs. The eq is 5 band & very potent. It’s easy to sculpt most tones in no time quick!

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vintage vox 125 tube guitar bass amp

Traynor TS60B !
Without a doubt one of the heaviest sounding bass amps out there – it’s a beast in normal mode – but kick in the distortion – & Boom – immediate Punk Hardcore Motorhead bass shazzle Arriveth!

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traynor ts60b bass amp amplifier

Peavey Triumph! Built as an answer to the Fender Twin – this little beast is beloved by jazz blues & hard rock aficionado’s as it has a very similar tone & play reaction to a twin – but only has one speaker & is half the size – so no breaking your back lugging this to gigs & sessions etc.

wolf alice royal blood recording studio
peavey triumph fender twin copy tube amp

Vintage 70’s Miles Platting (or Wilsic) 100 watt all tube bass or guitar amplifier. The cleanest sounding loud amp I ever did hear – & what a tone! great for pop / rock / soul guitar, & so Goddamn cool on bass it’ll make you cry!

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vintage classic british valve tube amplifier amp

Laney LC15 all tube jazz / blues combo amplifier. This is not only a superb amp – we managed to bag a millenium British made model – hand manufactured in the UK! Beautiful blues, jazz & rock tones – plus you can pick it up with one hand. Used on just about every session at the studio.

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laney valve tube guitar blues jazz amplifier

Laney AOR all tube guitar amp! This thing is amazing – it’s literally ACDC in a box – you can hear it HERE. Classic Rock & Metal all the way – & uses 6l6 tubes at the output for that Big Beautiful Bottom!

abbey road air rak recording studio
classic laney aor guitar amplifier

Ibanez TS15 all valve guitar amp with inbuilt tube screamer. This has the most gorgeous clean sound going – has a couple of 6l6 tubes at the output so bigger & less choked sounding than most Brit amps – & the tube screamer actually sounds & behaves like a real tube screamer! Win win all round.

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Ibanez guitar amplifier tube screamer

What is it about cigarettes people don’t like?? They actually stopped making these amps cause some people didn’t like the packaging. God damnit! this one has been used loads in the studio – most notably by King Krule & Millions band.

King Krule Guitar Amp
Camel Cigarette Guitar Amplifier
king krule recording studio london
king krule at shrunkenheads recording studio

Vintage Fane 2 x 12 guitar speaker cab. The sweetest sounding guitar cab ever! Really lush, beautiful tones emanate from this beauty regardless of which amp you run through it.

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vintage fane guitar amp speakers

Vintage Classic Fender Music Man speaker set into a wedge cabinet. This is probably our fave speaker. Built for bass use it also sounds superb on guitar. A valve amp into this speaker = tone Heaven!

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fender music man bass guitar speaker cab

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…. & then there’s This!
No it’s not real – it’s our newest amp sim by those amazing Sknote people – sounds pretty bloody good though – way better than any other we’ve tried. I kinda like it on vocals too – something about the tremolo…..