Microphone Making – The 3 Capsule Mid Side Recording Studio Mic

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London Recording Studio Life !

Here at The Coolest recording Studio in South London – we got the creation craving! We just Have to make new, interesting & exciting recording & mixing devices for our excellent clients.
Our most recent research has led us to develop a set of microphones (Coppermics – made out of copper!) the formats of which do not appear to be readily available on the market.
You can of course get mics spec built – but boy does this cost a ton of moolah & takes ages – so …. we put our heads together & came up with This beauty – the Coppermic King!

Microphone - The King - for vocals - guitar - drums

All three capsules are identical in tone & volume – the centre mic picks up the centre image of the audio you’re recording, and the left & right capsules pick up the stereo information.
You should always eq the centre mic with a slight (1-3 db) boost at the fundamental frequency – and cut the left & right sides between 120 hz & 155 hz depending on the source material.
This will mean that when you boost or cut the side microphones you will either add or subtract “air” from the recorded signal – & thus manipulate it to sound perfect in the mix!
It’s pretty amazing on vocals, choir, small & large orchestras & guitar.
Even though you’re recording a mono sound source – the addition of air from the sides makes it sit in the mix much more naturally – a bit of nice compression is all it generally needs to fit in perfectly with no (or hardly any ) added reverb.
Also – superb on drums & gorgeous on classical instruments / sections.
Here’s another pic of The King without the foam windcovers – which are only put in place to protect the capsules from plosives or wind noise.

Yet another gorgeous creation from The House of Music & Audio Delights !!

You can see the website HERE:

Next time – we got something Mighty Special!