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best recording studio south london
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Here at the Coolest Recording Studio in London Town – we’ve made some mighty fine rekkids in our time – from Ghostpoets’ Shedding Skin to King Krules’ the Ooze – & more recently Man Alive released this last march.


During Lockdown we’ve recorded, mixed & produced a bunch of muziks for our clientele – and even recorded a tv show for a session fiddle player turned teacher. He was superb!
Our Fave project this year though has to be Pineapple Empress – a indefinable mix of jazz, funk, punk, electronica and classical musics – & we went to town with the production toys creating new spatial realities & timescapes – it’s freakin’ amazing! 

best recording studio london
Pineapple Empress New Music !!

So … If you want some Joy and Happiness in these odd & worrying times – grab yourself a bit of that Audio Loveliness
You can Buy & / or Listen to all 19 (!) tracks HERE
And ….. watch some of their cracking videos below: 

And this is Live Some World - A Punk Anthem for Freedom!

Enjoy peeps – & from the best recording studio in London Town – se y’all soon xxx

best recording studio south london
music producer south london