Recording Studio London Releases Early 2020

Here at the Coolest Recording Studio in London Town – we work with All kinds of artists – from the up & coming to the Star in the ascendant – to the Star already born – and all sorts in between!
Oddly enough – we have four of the studios’ brightest & most wonderful releasing their respective Opuses (Opi???) this coming month – & here they are …… in no particular order.

Baba came to the studio last september (2019) with a bunch of (pretty messy) audio that needed editing, organising, mixing & producing.
That we did – & in no time he had his first single released on Dangermouse’s 30th Century Records – played All over the radio – yup …. put him on the map!

baba ali 30th century records recording studio

Recording Studio London

Roxy Rawson

Roxy came into the studio in August to mix some pre recorded audio – it didn’t quite cut it, so instead we spent two weeks recording her classical ideas & mixing in Much Much Bass & some heavy glitch concepts ….. the result is one superb ramjam of classical, folk, electronica & gospel. Bit of a gamechanger – you won’t have heard anything like it!

cheap recording studio music producer
Roxy @ Shrunkenheadsstudios

Music Producer London

Lyndon Morgans, Pod & Dave – collectively known as Songdog came into the studio in June & july 2019 to track & mix their lp. One of the Uk’s finest underground songwriters, Lyndon wanted a different take on his music so came to us for our “out of the box” thinking and production techniques – & boy did we mix & produce a lovely sounding lp!
Nothing like any of their previous musical outings – this record (called ‘A Happy Ending’) features all manner of instrumentation from marching bands through classical strings through electronica inspired tuned reverbs to eerie gospel choirs of the dead.
You can see the first single video HERE.

Lyndon Morgans at Shrunkenheadsstudios

Archy has recorded a lot at Shrunkenheads Studios – it’s an inspiring place & brings out the best in our musicians.
We recorded The Ooz for King Krule – audio for the book he did with his brother Jack – various other smaller projects – & now we have recorded the audio for the latest King Krule release Man Alive.
We also (very recently) recorded Archy strait to our 8 track tape machine with his acoustic guitar singing songs from both The Ooz & Man Alive lp’s – we shall see what he does with that there audio in due course.

Here’s a pic of Archy trying on my 70’s glam boot :

……. & here he is Studioing at Shrunkenheads studios :

He was actually doing a photo shoot for GQ – but we got a few tunes out of him.

So …. Listen out for all 4 of these super artistes – they are all stupendous in their own ways & make beautiful, life affirming music – to lift you all to the great beyond!
Happy to be a part of all that … yes we are.