Vintage Classic Valve Tube Microphone Mixer Pre Amp

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Recording Studio South London Life !!

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in South London – we’re like the audio Ben & Jerry’s – a whole gamut of flavours & tastes!
In our search for audio perfection & diversity we’ve bought in a ton of recording studio equipment – some we keep – some we sell on – not because it’s bad gear – it’s just not right for us.
The Behemoth – now that’s a keeper!
It’s a four channel microphone mixer built for a radio station in 1952 which has the Biggest audio transformers we’ve ever seen – so the saturation or overdrive of any audio run through it is sublime!
It’s super on vocals, acoustic / classical instruments – but amazing on drums ! They go down to tape in near perfect form & just sit in the mix sounding all kindsa pretty !
Plus – it’s got little green lights that glow when the channels are turned on:

or what !!!!!!!     
Best of all though – it has a beautiful valve equalizer that makes everything you run through it sound like Motown

So – we rigged him up to the patchbay – sat his ass on a shelf overseeing the control room – & now we got super lush valve recording & mixing beautifullness at our fingertips. 

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