Microphone Making 1 – Binaural Stereo Coppermic

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Here at The Coolest Recording Studio In South London – we buy this mic – we buy that mic – in a constant search for sonic perfection – or at least sonic perfection for each particular recording instance – as each session requires individual attention to detail.
A song might require a particular guitar sound – then it might require the same guitar sound but miked with more ambience to add to the original take come the bridge or chorus .
It might require a completely different guitar sound – or a much more saturated one to add body. Regardless – whatever you’re looking for – be it the perfect recording space, tape compression or natural clarity – you’re going to need to start with the right mic.

SO ….. you need a specific recording device – which doesn’t seem to exist – so whatcha gonna do???
Make one!! That’s right folks – rather making do with what’s on offer – get yourself in the saddle & create what you need from scratch!! We do.
Here is out first microphone offering – Coppermic CM1

 – yes it’s made out of copper – we love copper – it looks beautiful – & it’s tough enough to withstand road abuse and / or field recordings. 
It’s hand held but also has a regular mic stand fitting. 
It’s phantom powered so has excellent signal to noise ration – is clear as a bell & sounds gorgeous!! 
There will be a battery option made in the near future
We used top quality components (natch) & have done some test recording (with & without eq) so you can hear for yourself how Goddamn Nice it sounds. 
As you can tell – we’re Very pleased with ourselves. 
Check out the video at the bottom for soundclips. 

Recording Microphone Tone Options

So what’s with the coloured foam?
Here’s the mic naked: 

We designed the foam capsule covers to cancel wind noise & to affect mic tone & volume. 
The red cap covers shown here are for general outdoor use (to cancel wind noise etc) – to remove a bit of the top end from guitar – voice or cymbals.

The stripey covers (look great don’t they) are much denser – they take the audio input to the capsules down by approx 10-12 per cent – shelve a large amount of the top end off the incoming audio – so are excellent for bass frequency instruments – though they also work beautifully on all sound sources – especially if they are too bright.
It’s all about microphone placement!
The capsules in this mic are set at 110 degrees & 19 cm apart – this configuration is based on the ORTF design – though we felt the need to slightly widen the distance between capsules for a more open sound.

More microphones coming soon

The design room is masterminding plans on a grand scale – watch this space for more super interesting recording shazzle !You can see the studio HERE.

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