Recording Studio London Xmas 2018

Recording Studio London Xmas Roundup 2018

recording studio london

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in London Town – we’ve had a great year! We got to work with some of London’s most creative musicians – plus we got to create & make some tres interesting recording & production devices. 

The first of these was the Icrophone – an electromagnetic microphone that picks up & records information from radios, phones, tablets, computers – tv – & most electronic devices.  It’s pretty amazing for generating soundscapes – but click Here for a more in depth explanation of its’ capabilities.

After that we made a binaural stereo microphone. When a singer songwriter comes in to the studio & they want to record live with either guitar or piano – we do of course close mic both instrument & vocals – but we also use the binaural mic to record the environment. It’s not just like using a stereo mic setup – it’s much more natural sounding than that.

Then we built this crazy string reverb – it’s like a plate reverb but with strings – which means we can tune the reverb to the track ! Makes for some very lovely audio!

So – Merry Christmas y’all & a happy new year – here’s some music videology to bring a smile to your collective faces, hearts & minds. We have a superb year planned for 2019 beginning with a four track recording for one of London’s finest alt jazz three pieces – sax, guitar and drums. They are so out there it’s hard to put down in words how excited we are. Roll on the 15th january. Then on the 17th january we have the wonderfully talented Mr. Phil Burdett rolling by with his superb blues rock folk band to get his latest long player tracked, produced & mastered by yours truly at ShStudios. It’s gonna be a banger! We do hope yours will be too. Chin Chin fabulous people !

recording studio london

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